You Can Quit Smoking Inside A Big White Castle

A journey to a great white castle is an effective subconscious method for quitting smoking. Imagine the client is in a lush green field. I will be there to guide them along the way. You will walk across the field until the forest is reached. The leaves and pebbles beneath your feet are felt. You feel the bark texture in the trees, and the sun filtered through the canopy. Keep walking until you see the silhouette of a castle through one of the parted trees. After a while, you reach the end and the castle appears majestically in front you discover more.

As you cross a drawbridge, stand in front two large wooden doors. These doors curve to the center. As you approach the doors, you see something unusual. It is a flagpole without a flag. You walk into the hall and see the extent of the damage. Because of years of neglect, the floors and walls are stained with grime. You are glad to have all your cleaning equipment, so you get to working. Soon the sun beams through the windows onto the polished marble walls. You feel proud of all your efforts in restoring the castle back to its former glory so you head back through the drawbridge and out the curved wooden doors. A flag of victory is flying in the breeze at the flagpole as you turn back.

The thermals are high above the castle walls, and an eagle can be seen flying majestically over them. Walking back into forest gives you a profound sense of satisfaction. Walking along the path allows you to breathe deeply, and your lungs expands more than in years. After a while, your body is back in the lush green field. The gentle heat of the sun on it’s face, the cooling breeze on your neck, and a sense that you have been released from the grasp of a fierce beast. Your body is already healing. You will feel confident and at ease as you rewrite your past and restore the health you lost through your old ways.

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