You can easily detect fake Moldavite by using this simple technique

Moldavite is a gorgeous green gem with a mysterious origin that could have come from an alien planet. This has captured the attention of collectors for many years. As its popularity increased, the number of knockoffs has also increased. At all costs, avoid these scammers. If you have the proper information beforehand, it is easy to spot fake Moldavite, discover more!

Start with the definition of moldavite. The tektite is formed by a collision between a meteorite and the Earth. Moldavite – a very rare, beautiful stone – is mostly found in Czech Republic. Forgers have targeted it because of its rarity. Check the item for bubbles or inclusions. In genuine Moldavite you can find microscopic bubbles. Fake Moldavite on the other side is typically too perfect and uniform in appearance.

The color should be checked. Moldavite is available in various shades, from extremely light to very dark. It should, however, have a depth of color. Moldavite can be fake if it is glitzy or has a strange tint. Check the surface. Moldavite that is genuine will have microscopic ridges and pits. Moldavite which is smoother than normal or that has an artificially textured surface is likely not real.

You should weigh the item. Moldavite should feel heavy in your hand due to its density. Moldavite is supposed to feel solid and substantial. It should not be plasticky. Be educated. You can check the maker or merchant if you’re concerned with the authenticity. Look at the reviews and ratings of the seller. This will help you determine whether or not they’ve sold fake crystals in past.

You should be aware that the criteria above aren’t absolute. By using common sense and carefully inspecting the fake, you can increase your odds. What is the point of even thinking about Moldavite, then? First, Moldavite is believed to possess powerful therapeutic properties which help eliminate both mental and physical impediments.

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