Whiffing into the Future: Decoding Tomorrow’s Scents

ESNC Perfumery is not just a perfume store – you’re taking a step into the future! How can one stay on top of the scent trends when they are changing faster than fashion? Fret not! You can get a glimpse of what’s to come with our aromatic crystal ball. Let’s take a look at the upcoming trends and dive in nose first – more about the author!

Firstly, ‘Raw & Real is the way to go! The world is moving towards authenticity and so are perfumes. Consider fragrances which capture the essence of nature, such as the scent of the morning dew falling on grass and the rough aroma of the windswept coast. Minimalism is the key, the less you use, and let’s natural elements shine.

The next step is a new line of perfumes called ‘Nostalgia novelties.’ These scents are a result of the time travel hats that perfumers wear to revisit bygone eras and bring them back into a bottle. Have you ever wondered how the Roaring Twenties smelt? What about the Swinging Sixties or Roaring Twenties? ESNC has a goal to make sure that these legendary epochs can be reached in a spritz!

If you are someone who loves to create memories, then ‘Personal Perfume Playlists” is for you! The customization of perfumes is on the rise. Customers can layer fragrances and create a scent story unique to them. The morning mocha could be blended with the afternoon amber to create a beautiful evening fragrance of elderflowers. What are the possibilities? Endless!

In the digital age why are perfumes left behind? ESNC has been experimenting with fragrances that change subtly throughout the day, depending on your body chemistry. You’re wearing an ever-changing, dynamic aura.

Be the first one to wear the new scents that everyone is going to be smelling.

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