What Should You Do Following A DUI Stop

Some bad things can happen to the best of people. Perhaps you took a bad decision of drinking and driving and you were pulled over for DUI or maybe you were arrested for a mishap and you were just being in the wrong location at the wrong time. If you’re in search of DUI attorney, it’s crucial to locate an attorney with years of experience with a solid understanding of the law and knows the Pennsylvania DUI regulations. Take certain actions in the event that you’ve been arrested for suspicion of DUI before you contact an lawyer – click here!

First of all, it’s crucial to establish if police officials witnessed actions that lead them to believe the accused was driving under the under the influence. Did the officer in charge be able to spot signs of alcohol impairment like a motorist who swerved? Did the police stop occur at a DUI checkpoint? Was the suspect responsible for an accident? This information is important as if an officer has made an arrest without providing a solid basis, the charge could be dropped and evidence suppressed. Officers use the following indicators to determine if a person had consumed alcohol:

The turning of a large radius

A lane marker is located in the middle. lane marker

“appearing drunk,” or “appearing drunk”


Speed of more than 10 miles lower than the speed limitation

There’s no need to stop in the middle of the road.

Braking erratically

A person who is stopped on the suspicion of DUI is not required to reply to any questions which are intended to implicate. If you are stopped for traffic there is no need to inquire to speak with your lawyer. Don’t be rude or inconsiderate with the officer(s) Your best course of action is to keep your cool and calm. You may not be able to speak to an attorney immediately. However, if communicate your concerns to the police officer, they might not be as likely to ask the subject before your arrest.

It is your right to not take part in a field test, as well as a blood/urine test to determine if you’ve consumed alcohol. However, such a decision could be interpreted as an admission of guilt or could lead to negative results.

If you’ve been officially arrested, Phildelphia DUI attorneys are there to assist you and are on your side. DUI offenses within Pennsylvania can be classified in three different categories according to the level of blood alcohol (BAC). BAC levels between 0.08% – 0.10 percentage fall within the lower level. A BAC between 0.11% to 0.16 percent fall into the middle. If BACs are above 0.16% place the accused at the top of the level. Every tier comes with specific penalties that are associated with the tier. For a full understanding of the penalties as well as how they be affecting you, it’s vital to consult with a Chester County DUI attorney with experience in dealing with these kinds of matters. This could be an option through the Assisted Rehabilitative Disposition (ARD) program which is a pre-trial intervention programme for non-violent offenders with no past record, to stay out of the jail sentence and get their licenses suspended for just three months. This is far less than in the event of a conviction for DUI.

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