Tips for Home Energy Efficiency: Get Started Now and Save

Are you considering home improvements to improve your home’s efficiency? Now is the time to get started. !

You can reduce your energy consumption at home and save money. A simple way to begin helping the environment is to inspect any older appliances and HVAC (heating ventilating, air conditioning), systems. These older appliances can often emit high levels. Other harmful substances, such as sulfur dioxide (and nitrogen oxide) are also released into our atmosphere. These substances are the main components of acid rainfall. You can see for more information.

These are some great tips to improve your home’s energy efficiency. These tips will help to reduce your utility bills immediately and also make a positive impact on the environment.

1. You should assess all appliances in your household. If an appliance is beyond repair it is time to get rid. This is an excellent way to redecorate your space. An appliance that isn’t functioning properly should be checked by a certified appliance repair technician to ensure it can be fixed.

2. Your HVAC systems should be checked. Repairing and checking for leaks will help you save money and time. Repairs and improvements will reduce heating and cooling costs. These systems that leak are not only dangerous for the environment but also cause a decrease in efficiency and cost.

3. Lighting is another big area to look into. A good place to start is with conventional light bulbs. A single compact fluorescent lamp can save you about $30 over its lifespan and pay back in six months. It uses 75% less energy and can last about 10 times as long as an incandescent lamp. A compact fluorescent lightbulb that saves energy is not as hot as an incandescent. Also, the heat generated by compact fluorescent light bulbs is less than that of incandescent bulbs. This will help you to save money on cooling during summer.

4. Take into account the findings from your household’s assessment (see #1), and make home improvements. Then, take a look at everything that must be replaced or repaired. Removing and replacing appliances, heating and cooling units will eventually pay off. For many expenses, the government will grant tax credits. These tax credit can be up 30% of the total cost or as high $1500.

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