The Right Broker Guide

Now, without getting your feet wet, let’s get into the trading world of forex It’s like picking a partner for prom. You need someone trustworthy who won’t stomp on your toes while you dance slowly. How can you catch the one fish that will not let you fall?

This fashion show is not a one-size-fits all event. What’s right for your buddy may not work at all for you. If you’re unsure of what to do, it can be like choosing between a meal at a fast food restaurant or an evening at a fine dining restaurant. Both have their benefits depending on the mood and budget.

Take Emily and John for instance. Emily loves quick trades. She lives the fast life. She needs a brokerage that is faster than a morning espresso and has spreads as thin as her yoga instructor’s patience. John, on the other hand, is more relaxed. He is a slow and methodical person who prefers to think things through and make his decisions slowly.

Now, onto the nitty-gritty–regulation is king in this jungle. A broker’s license should be worn with pride. Consider dating someone who has their life in order. They’ve got an apt, they pay on time and they don’t eat only cereal.

You want the trading platform to feel like a dance floor, not a slick surface. If it looks as if it was created in the ’90s or crashes more frequently than your college roommate following an all-nighter then swipe left.

The fees are the uninvited guests who never show up. When you’re not paying attention, they nibble at your profits. Find a broker whose fees are kept as lean as possible, like that friend who counts calories with vigor.

Customer service can be your lifeline if things go bad. When things go wrong, you need someone to answer the phone who won’t abandon you like that text you sent that is still unread.

Hey, variety is the flavor of life! If you have a broker who offers different markets, it’s like getting a free pass to all concerts in the city. You can enjoy whatever music suits your mood.

IG Markets is the cool kid that everyone wants hang out with, because they have it all under control on different playgrounds (countries). Saxo Bank has a more exclusive feel, like a club for high rollers with a host of fancy tools.

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