The Process Of Submitting A Workplace Injury Claim

After you provide all the details of your workplace investigations Albury, the solicitor will quickly be able to determine whether the claim has a reasonable chance of success. Once this crucial part of the process is complete, your solicitor will begin to work on your behalf. First, you will need to send a detailed letter of claim to the defendant. This letter will describe the accident and the reasons for it, as well as the injuries and losses sustained by you.

To ensure that the facts in the letter are correct, the Defendant must be consulted before the letter of claims is sent. The Defendant has three month to investigate the claim, and then to admit or deny responsibility for the workplace accident. The Defendant should acknowledge receipt within 21 days. The Defendant might not wait to acknowledge receipt of the letter after the three month period has expired. However, the Defendant can respond at any point within the three month period.

At the end of the time, the Defendant must have made a decision regarding liability. Your solicitor will then inform you about the position of the Defendant. If liability is admitted, your solicitor will begin the process of trying to negotiate a settlement. If the Defendant refuses to accept liability, it may be necessary for Court proceedings to be initiated against the defendant. Your solicitor will provide detailed explanations and explain why. Even if the defendant has admitted to liability, it may be necessary to initiate Court proceedings against him. Again, your solicitor will explain the reasons and make sure that you are fully aware of the situation.

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