The Gold IRA for Diversifying in Precious Metals is more popular than ever

History has shown that gold and silver investments can act as a hedge to inflation and economic uncertainty. However, there is a lot of Americans who want physical precious materials but do not have the financial resources. You have two options: a 401k rollover, or a transfer to a self-directed IRA gold. Your current 401K won’t allow you to hold physical precious metals. This is why you need and want the 401K Rollover. The best way for you to acquire physical precious metals is with a Gold IRA.

Many investors know the value of silver and gold. However, they choose to invest in these precious materials via Exchange Traded Funds. ETFs are underpinned by metals. ETF share prices are derivative paper assets that are based on the current price of precious metals. They don’t give you true ownership of gold or silver. You can have real assets today that will continue to be valuable long into the future if you actually purchase silver bars and coins.

Imagine if you were able to make a 401K rollover to a Gold IRA in 1970. In that year, you would have rolled over $10,000 into an IRA investment. Your Gold IRA today would have a value of $530,000, despite all the political turmoil, terrorist attacks and oil shocks that have impacted your finances and investments.

As our government policies continue devaluing the US Dollar’s value, and as emerging economies require more precious metals for their infrastructure development and central bank diversification, gold and other metals are expected to continue rising in value. It’s wise to buy gold as an investment, and silver investing is wise too. However, it is even more important to hold precious metals in hand or Gold401K and not just share of funds that invest into silver bullion. For your family’s safety and future, you can rollover your 401K to a Gold IRA.

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