Take My class for me: Personalization and the Future of Education

You may have heard the question, “Hey can you teach my class?” It is not just a laziness student’s dream. This is changing the face of education. We’ll explore the maze, additional info?

These services are controversial. Play the devil’s defender. What if these services are not understood by the students? They could unintentionally encourage individualized learning. It’s a service that adapts education to you, and not the other way around. It sounds cool.

Imagine having two jobs and children, while also improving your education. It can feel like trying to fit a square piece into a roundhole. It’s a system that yells, “Keep up, or you’ll drop out!” Then class-taking services come in and say, “Relax. We’ve got it.” This is seductive, but almost impossible to believe.

Are we losing our essence as learners? Education is more than just checking off boxes and taking exams. It is important to learn, grow and evolve. You can still remember the beautiful way someone guided your educational ship.

Talk about the tutors of these services. They are academic mercenaries, or unsung heroes. In the background, they study and elaborate complex theories. Like ghostwriting in education. Ethical? It’s a gray area. They fill a gap that traditional education still has.

Note that I am not endorsing these services. Were we able to ignore their request for assistance? Who can blame students who shout, “Make my education fit with my lifestyle, and not the opposite?”

What is the truth behind individualized education? Break the mould. Students can learn according to their own pace and preferences with customized education. It’s like having a suit made for you. Why settle for a standard education when you could customize it?

We’ll get back to the learning. What happens when someone else enrolls in your course? It’s possible to get a good grade or diploma. What about your talents, skills, and “aha” moments? Were we not wasting the real value of education?

The class-taking service is only a temporary fix for a larger problem. These services are a band-aid for the slow reaction of our educational system to an ever-changing world. Do you not think that it is in need of a redesign?

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