The Ultimate Guide To Choosing A Pool Contractor

Let’s not waste time with all the puffery and fluff. Instead, let us get right into choosing a Los Angeles pool contractor. Imagine that you are looking to bring some fun to your backyard and create a pool which screams, “you”. Not only is it important to dig a hole in your backyard and fill it with water, but it’s also important to create a personal oasis within the busy city of Los Angeles –visit us!

In this city, there are a lot of pool builders to choose from. However, not all are the best. You need someone who can relate to you. Someone who listens more often than they speak. We’ve been all on dates where we couldn’t even get a sentence out. Not fun.

Let’s look at the geography. LA’s not as flat as your morning pancake. There are more hills and valleys in LA than you’d find on a soap opera. In order to achieve your dream of an infinite pool, you may need some serious engineering. You will need to hire a wizard that knows how handle hillsides without turning the backyard into a landslide display.

We can talk about green, without being green with envy over our neighbor’s ecofriendly setup. Californians value water just like they do parking on a weekend afternoon at Trader Joe’s. Your pool must be able to drink water like a fine wine. It should not be guzzled like at an open-bar wedding. Solar heating? Saltwater systems – what are they? Bring ’em On! Find a contractor with a greater passion for saving the earth than yourself.

Craftsmanship is also important. If you’ve ever purchased something that appeared great online, but was ruined faster than celebrity relationships, then craftsmanship is another important factor. Yes, pools are also susceptible to this problem if they’re not taken care of. It’s important that every tile, and every curve of the swimming pool is perfect. Michelangelo might even weep.

Communication – the cornerstone to any healthy relationship, yes? Red flags are raised if you’re ghosted by your contractor more than you were by the Tinder date you had last month. You need updates, even when you have nothing new to report. Silence here is definitely not gold.

The piece de resistance you’ve been searching for in the concrete jungles of LA is finally there, after what felt like an eternity. It isn’t just any hole that’s filled with water. This is your personal retreat.

You can’t just look at the advertisements or settle for whoever has a big billboard on Sunset Boulevard. It’s important to find the person who shares your vision, without causing you to break out in hives over budgets.

Then, when you finally find the “one”, enjoy a cold one by your new aquatic oasis and toast making waves in YOUR backyard. Then, when you have found the perfect pool for your home, toast it with a drink and toast your success.

Here’s to California Pools–not only for their glitz, but also for the fact that they are our private oases where we can pause life’s madness…even for a short time. Let’s share some epic stories! Or, at the very least, don’t fall asleep reading your textbooks. Asking why someone feels that way is better than jumping onto our moral high horse. Understanding starts by listening, even if we are uncomfortable with what we learn.