You can navigate disability services in Melbourne with this guide

First let’s discuss the National Disability Insurance Scheme click to read more. This bad boy had been billed as the golden ticket to get you in your city. Sometimes, it feels like you’re given a blank map without any markers that indicate “You are Here”. No need to be worried! The key is persistence. Keep asking questions (figuratively and literally) and knocking on the door until you find someone willing to help.

Melbourne, despite a lack of assistance from the government, is filled with groups that are willing to do everything they can to help. These groups can be compared to friends who are always there when you’re in need. You can search for everything, including places to meet others who understand your situation and job assistance. Finding your tribe is important. Priceless.

Innovation is a buzzword at the moment. Melbourne is home more than enough gadget and tech specialists to shake a cannon, who all work together on ways to ease the lives of people with disabilities. The focus is on apps that will help you plan your night out and gadgets that will make communication easier. You’re living like you are in “The Jetsons,” minus Rosie.

Finding and using the tools and applications we need is not always so easy as you would think. Imagine playing hide-and find with someone that is very good at hiding. When trying to locate resources, it can sometimes feel like that.

Community is your secret weapon. Imagine that they’re like your local neighbourhood watch, except more focused on friendship and supporting each other than preventing crime. The real talk happens over a cup of coffee or stronger (we don’t care) and involves sharing stories, tips and gossip.

No one can deny that life doesn’t always consist of sunshine and rainbows. Every now and then, we still encounter stumbling-blocks, such as an old-fashioned attitude towards disabilities. I won’t even go near places where one stair at the front entrance is considered to be “accessible”. Our quest for true inclusivity still has mountains to be climbed.

With these smart people coming up with new solutions for old problems, the future is bright. Who knows where they’ll go next? Flying wheelchairs: what’s next? Teleportation devices? A robot buddy? You can dream, right?

To navigate Melbourne’s disability services, it’s like a mix of scavenger and epic adventure. (But with less dragons.) It takes guts as well as grit and humor.

Keep looking until you discover the perfect thing for you. This is not an all-in-one situation. It’s a bit like choosing the best avocado. Once you find it, the frustration is worth it. There will be bumps in the road (both literally and metaphorically), yet what is life if not an adventure?

The most rewarding journey that you can undertake is to discover what Melbourne has in store for people with disabilities.