Investing the Future: Tampines Street 62 EC Parcel B

Tampines St 62 EC Parcel B represents a good investment option for those who want to invest in their financial future. This property offers many advantages to investors because of its excellent location.

Location, a strategic factor for investment

Tampines Street 62 EC Parcel B, located strategically is a factor that is important in investing. Tampines has been a popular residential neighbourhood in Singapore for many years. It is known as a convenient and luxurious area. Tampines is an ideal choice for residents as well as investors due to its close proximity to major transportation hubs and schools. Further, the Cross Island Line (CRL), which will be built in 2018, is expected to improve the connectivity of the area, possibly increasing the value of property.


Tampines Street 62 EC Parcel B appeals to those investors who are looking for rental income. Potential tenants are drawn to this development due to its location near schools, shopping centres, and business parks. Units in the EC that are well designed and spacious will likely command competitive rates for rent, providing a regular stream of income to investors.

Capacity for capital appreciation

Tampines Street 62 EC Parcel B presents a special opportunity in terms of capital appreciation. ECs require a Minimum Ownership Period (MOP) for five years during which time only Singaporeans can purchase the property. ECs will be available to sell after the minimum occupation period (MOP) expires. Foreigners can then purchase the properties, increasing their value. After the expiration of MOP, this exclusivity could result in significant increases in value.

Stable investment in a growing industry

Singapore’s market for property has proven to be resilient and steady over the past few years. Investing in ECs like Tampines Street 62 EC Parcel B will provide long-term security and growth for your real estate investment. Tampines, a well-connected neighborhood that is family friendly, remains a popular choice among investors.

Tampines Street 62 EC Parcel B presents an interesting investment opportunity because of its location in prime area, high rental potential, capital appreciation and stability on the Singaporean Property Market. If you want to invest in a property that will provide long-term income, or if you prefer capital growth over rental income, then this EC could be a viable option.