Rent Bubble Soccer Party equipment for Your Next Party.

Florida is home to a growing bubble soccer scene. This sport can only be enjoyed outdoors, on wooden flooring. This sport blends the excitement of zorbing, with the athleticism found in soccer. This sport involves covering the upper parts of the bodies with inflatable knockerballs. The ball can be kicked by players with their legs unhindered. Both teams want to shoot as many shots as possible into the net of their opponents. Knockerballs provide protection against impact from the ball. Slamming the other player into the goal post makes this game fun, recommended reading!

Rental equipment makes it easier to play bubble football than purchasing.

By renting equipment, you can play bubble-football for a number of hours. The equipment can be rented, saving you from the headache of setting up and transporting. To help with the setup of equipment and to teach the players the rules, a knockerball supplier will send out a referee. Bubble soccer orbs are used as well as a net and cones in order to define the playing area. After each game, the ref will deflate all knockerballs. He’ll also take down any equipment. If you rent the equipment, it will save you the cost and time of installing and maintaining the orbs and blowers.

Bubble Soccer is a great way to have fun

Firstly, it is important that the players have fun. As long as you can run comfortably, knockerball suits both men and women. Only a t-shirt, a pair or loose shorts, and some running shoes are needed. The knockerball’s top and lower part are visible. You can use knockerballs for many other sports, including soccer.

Use these safety precautions when renting Bubble Soccer Equipment

If you are renting bubble soccers in Florida it is important to follow these simple safety measures. Knockerballs will need to be inflated either with a blower, pump or both. It is correct to inflate the ball until it feels like a tight soccer ball. Knockerballs feature two straps, one on each side of the ball to allow you to grip and carry it. There are also two straps attached at the wrists. These straps should always be engaged to keep the ball in place. Avoid wearing jewelry, loose articles and spectacles while you play. You should play the game where it is well-lit and stop when there’s an opportunity for rain or strong wind. A knockerball that sprays water can lead to serious injury. This is why it’s important to clear the playing surface of all rocks, branches and other things that can harm the players or equipment.

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