Mold Be Gone: Tackling Fungus Fiascos After Watery Woes

Mold is a sneaky and unwanted guest that can appear when you have water damage website. Water damage restoration is important, but understanding the aftermath, including mold, can be equally as vital. It’s not just a problem for aesthetics, mold can be harmful to your health. What can you do to prevent mold from growing in your damp home? Let’s jump in!

Why does mold grow after water damage occurs?
Imagine mold as a friend that stays too long. In this case, mold is the friend that can cause health issues.

Mold thrives when the environment is damp and humid.
The symptoms can start appearing as soon as 24 hours after the exposure to water.
Mold can release spores that, when inhaled by a person, may cause allergies, respiratory problems and other health concerns.
How do you prevent mold after water damage?

1. Quick Action Is Key!
Mold will grow more easily if water is left to sit for a long time.

Start drying the carpet as soon you can.
To speed up the process of drying, open windows and use dehumidifiers.
2. Check Hidden Areas
Mold is sneaky. It loves dark, hidden corners.

Check vents, behind drywall or carpets.
Take a peek in those areas that are not often visited, such as the basement and attic.
3. Replace with Replace
Some items could be too waterlogged for saving and become mold magnets.

Consider replacing items that have been soaked with too much water rather than restoring them.
It can also include porous furniture, such as mattresses, carpets and some types.
4. Disinfect Your Home Like a Professional
Mold is attracted to clean surfaces.

Use disinfectants to thoroughly clean the affected area.
You can use vinegar, hydrogen peroxide or baking soda as eco-friendly and effective options.
5. Maintain Humidity levels
Try to keep the humidity in your home between 30-50%.

Investing in a high-quality hygrometer will allow you to keep track of the humidity.
Dehumidifiers are useful in damp or particularly moist areas of the home.
6. Seek expert help
You may want to hire professionals if your skills are beyond you.

Mold remediation specialists have the right tools and the knowledge to deal with even the most stubborn infestations.

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