Modern Home Security System Essentials

There are many different components to a modern home security system, but certain of them are vital for every home. These include video cameras, alarm systems for burglars, and fire equipment. Additional info?

Many different types of cameras are available. CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) cameras are the older system. Multiple cameras are strategically placed around the house and can display the feed on an ordinary television set or dedicated monitor with necessary equipment. They can be either wired or unwired, and usually come with DVRs that store videos to a SD card, hard drive or internet. With securitykart, hybrid DVRs can be purchased that will record from various cameras as well as display feeds over the Internet. The trend today has moved away from CCTV cameras to IP (Internet Protocol). They are digital cameras that connect to the Internet via Wi Fi or Ethernet. Live video can be accessed anywhere on the planet via a web-browser. Some cameras come with additional features such as microphones, speakers or rotation capabilities which can also be controlled remotely. These cameras are also capable of sending alerts, and can act as motion-detector devices. While buying video cameras, you should consider the field of view. It should be as large as possible. Also take into consideration night vision capabilities, video resolution and rotation/zooming abilities. Securitykart’s wide selection of quality brands includes Dahua Panasonic CP PLUS and Panasonic.

A burglar alarm is the second most important item after video surveillance. This system may include PIR sensors (passive infrared sensor), door sensors and window sensors. Other components can be smoke detectors or hooters. Motion sensors are triggered by movement detected in their field of vision while they are armed. If the pieces of the glass or door are slightly apart, the sensor will activate. We have sensors for glass breakage that will activate when glass is broken. Smoke detectors will alert in cases of arson and cigarettes. It serves to alert both the residents and their neighbors as well as scare off any potential intruders. The main panel is usually the interface for all these sensors. They can be turned on or off from there or via a remote. Main panel can also be linked to security services that will send help immediately if the alarm goes off. Godrej Eagle I Pro is recommended. This system can handle up to 50 wireless sensor, store 5 phone numbers and send SMS alerts. Godrej Eagle I Smart may be an option if your budget is limited.

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