If you check the lock, it will let you know if your storage unit is secure

There is a possibility that you will have too many possessions for a small home or a stay at the house of a family member related site. When this happens, a storage space will be useful. The storage unit will store your belongings while you find space to store them in the home. Most storage facilities charge no more than $50 per locker per month. It’s a smart investment. Make sure to check the safety of your items in the locker before renting a storage unit. You should check out the lockers to see if they are secure. Many storage units have varying levels of protection. This is how you can tell if a storage unit will be secure.

The On-Site Security Guard

A facility with a 24 hour security guard is most likely to be very secure. They will keep an eye out for intruders and monitor the location. The presence and security of guards within the facility deters thieves.


All secure units should be equipped video cameras which can record 24 hour a day. Owners of secure storage units can check video footage and determine if there has been an intrusion.

The Coded Gate

You should search for buildings that have coded gates. If there is no gate code, anyone could enter the building. This can cause problems. Coded doors will allow only clients and employees to enter the building.


The inside as well as the outside of a storage facility must be lit properly. The fear of being seen will deter trespassers. Also, all lights should be sensitive to any movement.


In a great storage facility, each locker is equipped with an alarm. This alarm allows managers to know exactly when each locker in a storage area is open. This alarm will let you know if someone opens the locked lockers. It is worth your time to investigate the security protocols at storage facilities. This will help you save frustrations down the road. A lockable locker can decrease your chances of losing expensive items. Any questions you might have regarding security can be answered by someone at the facility.

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