How to Make More from Your Digital Downloads

If you have a lot digital products that you are selling at peanuts online useful content, you can increase your profits by burning the products onto a CD and then selling them on- and offline. It is simple; information products were sold on CDs and floppy discs long before digital downloadings became popular. Many buyers still prefer physical items to virtual.

That preference is not only justified by the fact you can charge a higher price for your products but buyers are willing to pay it. You will also have less competition because physical product sales can be more time-consuming and difficult than online.

How to Produce Your CD

First, you need to decide on a theme and a title for your CD. One example is a collection of ebooks that covers petcare. Your chosen products can be burned to CD. Then, create an index or catalog with active links so that buyers can easily find what they are looking for. CD cataloguing software may be needed, but you can find free or paid for versions online. A catalogue is not required, but it will give your product an extra professional look and enhance its perceived value.

Your instruction file is the sweet part. Indirect instructions can be used to suggest hosting, domains, email service providers, or other products. There is a high chance that your customer will recommend your product to others and you may earn backend sales if they are satisfied with the service and product. While it’s possible to market your product at this point, the smartest way to sell information-CDs is to create a professional package. The Internet offers free software to help you design professional CD labels and covers. This will make your customer’s smiles even more than boring, plain looking blank CD jewel case cases.

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