Family Time and Meal Management

Time is like money for me. I want my time to be the best it can be. We were both teachers, and we had pre-school children. Time was extremely important. I would have loved time to cook delicious meals, read stories and play with my children all day. Unfortunately, it was not possible – continue?

This was the solution: weekly menu planning and remembering to get the meat out of your freezer before you go to school. Everyone also helped with the preparation of meals and dishes. My husband could not help as much because of school-related activities and sports.

Meal preparation was a great way of teaching my children many skills, such as accuracy in measuring, attention to detail when setting the table and taking turns when the other was the taster. I also got to know everything that happened at the daycare as well as what they were thinking while they stirred.

Our table was located away from the TV, making it easy to avoid being distracted while we ate. According to a CBS News survey (12 January 2010), 33% families check their phones, text, email, or watch TV before eating. This is easier for smaller children so a family rules would be appropriate.

Sometimes, it was necessary for us to change the time to suit Dad’s coaching/refereeing schedule. If he was going out of town, it was a time to whip up a few kids’ recipes. We ate a lot more mac ‘n’ cheese and goulash during those times. Kurt was allowed to be Dad and take the lead at the table. I felt that it was essential to keep a daily schedule.

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