Fake moldavites – How many are being bought?

I was interested in how many fake moldavites were being purchased and at what cost, or to put it another way, how many scammers are being taken advantage of. eBay’s popularity and availability of useful analytical tools led me to choose it. To make sure that the sellers I selected were not selling knockoffs, I made sure to exclude those sellers, continue?

eBay provides many analytical tools. terapeak is perhaps the most widely used. It has data about all the sellers and products being sold. Terapeak has one downside: It makes data anonymous. It is impossible to find one seller, see the total number of items on sale, and what their price was.

My analysis software was MyStoreAnalyst. This analytical tool allows its users to look into any particular seller and view specific information about each individual item sold or unsold (with filtering). It’s possible to view any eBay seller’s turnover and number of items sold.

eBay has some great gems. My excitement grew when I discovered that eBay had multi-colored moldavites for sale. They were available in all colors of rainbow! There are blue moldavites, red ones, and yellow and turquoise varieties. What color are moldavites made from?

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