Combi Ovens in 5 Easy Steps

It is common for commercial kitchen owners to spend large amounts of money on combo ovens find this. Why? Why is it important to choose the correct combination oven? There are 6 things you should think about before buying a combination oven.

One of the many features of a combo oven is that it can be programmed with preset programs and has units that automatically clean themselves. The experts who specialize in combi ovens will be able to advise you on all of these features.

Combi Ovens have the option of being operated with gas or electricity. All models are electric and 3 phase. Since they produce steam, you will need to use at least 1x15mm in cold water. Last but not the least, do not forget to install a drain. Some units can have very low outlets. Others will require an air-brake waste.

The right accessories will help your combi oven perform to its full potential. Stacking kits, stands, and stacking sets are all included.

All combi-ovens need to be vented. If this is not feasible, some manufacturers produce modern ovens with builtin ventilation. Hans Dampf, “HoodIn”, from MKN would be an example. MKN as well as many other premium oven brands come with an extractor hood. It lets you place your oven where you want it in the kitchen.

It’s not as easy to understand as it seems. Most combi-ovens weigh quite a bit. Make sure your oven fits in the kitchen. It isn’t funny when your (shiny new) expensive oven gets stuck half way up an escalator.

* The 6 point list is ordered by the order of reliability. MKN Hans Dampf adapts to marine environments constantly. Nobody wants 600 workers working on an oil rig to miss lunch due to an oven malfunction! Rational’s range of ovens is now covered by a two year warranty. A 2-year warranty means that there is a low chance of the product malfunctioning. Both brands are a great value and provide peace ofmind.

Not having all the answers is not your role. It’s your job to make a good product. Your supplier of combi ovens has a duty to ensure that you’re equipped with effective tools. Caterdeal is online catering equipment supplier. You can get a free consultation and site survey if you need it. To get the most from your combi-oven, contact them.

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