Choose the right Commercial Flagpole

Standard commercial flagpoles can measure between 30-60ft. They are typically made continued of one or two pieces either of aluminum tubing or steel.

It is possible to have three or more flagpoles depending on how elaborate and dramatic your plans are. The flagpoles should have enough space to allow for the flags to fly. If you place larger flags, there is always room for growth.

For raising and lowering flags, there are two types of halyards systems. They come in either pulley or rope forms. On the pole, you will find an exterior halyard. This type of rigging uses an attached flag to a rope. The rope runs through the flagpole’s top using a loop. The rope is wrapped around a bottom clamp to keep the flag in place. Security is the problem of an external-halyard system. It is easy to cut the rope.

An internal halyard is a better option for security and longer-lasting durability. This system places the rope/cable on the pole’s inside. The shaft’s base has a hinged access compartment that allows you to easily reach it. You should choose a rotating truck that does not wrap the flag around your pole in the event of wind shifts.

Steel is the best choice for commercial flagpoles. Steel flagpoles offer the best strength and require the least maintenance.

A bronze alloy will give you a classic look. The majority of bronze alloys are used for historical and national architectural projects. This material will darken with time and make a flagpole less appealing.

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