Carpets That Are Old and Damaged Pose a Risk

Rugs tend to collect dirt, dust, or spills. Continued accumulation of dirt not only looks dirty and untidy, but can cause the carpets to age and become damaged. It is therefore important to regularly clean carpets with dry wet services to avoid old, damaged carpets. A vacuum can help keep your carpet looking like new and clean. The dirt has an abrasive nature and can wear down the carpet’s back over time. Once a week vacuuming (or twice in busy areas), can remove as much as 75 percent of dirt, and keep the carpet looking young – learn more.

Spills happen. But how you clean up makes all the different. When a spill happens, the most important thing to do is act fast and don’t scrub. Use the solution immediately on the affected area. As the stain will become more difficult to remove, the longer the cleaning process takes. Next, dab the stain using a paper-towel or a soft cloth. By doing so you will reduce the pressure of the liquid on your skin and absorb it rather than letting it penetrate. Wipe from outside-in to stop the liquid from spreading.

The right vacuum cleaner is important. You must choose the best vacuum for your needs. Are you a parent? Carpeted stairs? As no one vacuum can do all the cleaning jobs, you should invest in multiple vacuums to be able to handle any cleaning challenge. You can use a handheld cordless vacuum for stair cleaning, and a large vacuum for rooms with carpeting.

Berbers and other carpet materials will lift the hair, which is especially true if your house has children or pets. Do not pull at the raised hairs, as you will only exacerbate the issue and tear your carpet. Take a pair and trim any bottom snags to avoid further damage.

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