Carpet cleaning stories that are funny

What you do doesn’t make a difference. Many funny stories are told in the office. These funny stories may also have happened to you in the workplace. Read more?

In our experience as carpet cleaners, Sydney has seen many of these stories. We have a few funny stories that will prove how fun carpet cleaning jobs can be.

Story No. 1: OMG! In the wrong place at the wrong time

It’s possible you may have come across situations where misinformation and wrong messages created chaos in your daily life. While you might have felt embarrassing, it is likely that later in life, when you remember the situation and laugh about it.

One of our clients is a Sydney apartment manager. We are often called to his Sydney apartment for carpet cleaning or other services. Most of these apartments are vacant or rented.

He sent our carpet cleaner to the apartment to get it done. He arrived at the apartment in good time. When he entered, the apartment door was already unlocked. The carpet cleaner saw the lady in the apartment wearing a little bit of skimpy attire (don’t know the details). He was a gentleman and got out the door after apologizing profusely.

We later found out the apartment manager was wrong. Instead of cleaning apartment 6, we were meant to clean number 7. After completing his task, our carpet cleaner returned to the office with a feeling of shame. Our office laughed when we heard about the situation!

Story # 2: From Red to Green

A call came in from an information technology company that needed their carpets cleaned. We dispatched our expert carpet cleaner to complete the task. He arrived at the office on time, as usual. He was efficient in cleaning the empty office due to an unscheduled public holiday.

He had just purchased the carpets in red six months before. He suddenly noticed that part of the carpet, which he cleaned, had turned green. He was horrified, as it appeared that he may have damaged the carpet’s colour.

He put extra efforts and tried additional cleaning agents, but without success. For a few minutes, he stopped working to try and solve the problem. The carpet started to dry and the colour was restored perfectly.

It was a huge relief to him when he had completed the task. The final result was better than the original carpet and our customer was thrilled. We laugh about it all and what our cleaner was up against.

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