Can a Church App Help Increase Engagement?

You’re probably like many small church leaders who have heard of church apps, but not given them much thought. I understand. It’s another item on an endless list of things to do. Click here!

 Would you believe that a church app could increase engagement, community and discipleship? I understand your skepticism. Here’s another question. What if I said that you could easily get a free church app and have it set up in just a few hours?

 Take it in.

 Faithlife is constantly innovating new and exciting things that we cannot keep up with. You’ve probably guessed that we also offer a free online community with built in newsletters, digital bulletins and event calendars. We also provide unlimited subgroups, messaging and video chat.

 The problem with church apps is that you must build them and use them properly to reap the rewards. This article will show you how to build your church app, launch it and integrate it into your congregation’s life. You will be rewarded if you are willing to put in the work.

 – Concerning Faithlife Church App

 We don’t currently have custom apps for every church. Instead, we offer Faithlife, a single app that allows users to follow different groups, including your church. Your church members must choose your church to be displayed in the Church tab. This will give priority to your church in the sermons tab and feed.

 A consolidated app such as this has its advantages and disadvantages. Your church should decide which is best for you. You get many amazing bells, whistles, and features right out of the box for a free app that can be used by single-site churches.

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